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Wel­come to the
Bit­coin Vault beta 3.0 test­net

Test­net is an off-chain envi­ron­ment of Bit­coin Vault (BTCV). This means that after you join in, you will be able to per­form ope­ra­tions on a sepa­rate block­chain that is not part of the offi­cial chain of BTCV. You will also get BTCV coins that you can fre­ely send to other wal­lets owned by you or
any­body else on the test­net.

Coins that will be given to you can­not be spent, trans­fer­red to any exchange, or a real active wal­let. They can cir­cu­late only within an off-chain test­net, which means they hold no value!

Join the Bitcoin Vault beta 3.0 testnet